Lit Labs

Lit Labs is an umbrella for Lit packages under development that we are actively seeking feedback on. While we encourage real-world use in order to help the feedback process, please note:

  • Lit Labs projects are published under the @lit-labs npm scope.
  • Breaking changes are likely to occur more frequently than in non-labs packages, but they will still respect standard semantic versioning guildelines and all changes will be published to the CHANGELOG files.
  • While we strive to address all bugs in a timely fashion, bugs in non-labs projects typically receive higher priority than bugs in labs projects.
  • When a Lit Labs project is ready to graduate out of labs, we'll begin publishing it under the @lit scope. (For example, @lit-labs/task graduated to @lit/task.) Once a package graduates, its first version under the @lit scope will match that of the latest in @lit-labs—but only the @lit version will receive subsequent updates.
  • We may decide to deprecate a Lit Labs project. In such cases, we will notify the community, and a deprecation warning will be added to the npm package. The deprecated package will receive bug fix support for at least 6 months. A record of historical labs packages will be kept on this page.

Feedback is currently being solicited on the following Labs packages:

Near graduation


Mixin for Lit that integrates with the speculative Scoped CustomElementRegistry polyfill.

Under development


A plugin for Eleventy that pre-renders Lit components at build time, with optional hydration.


Animation helpers for Lit templates.


A set of reactive controllers that facilitate using the platform observer objects.


A package for server-side rendering Lit templates and components.


A package containing testing utilities for Lit including generating server-side rendered fixtures.


A package that provides viewport-based virtualization (including virtual scrolling) for Lit.


A static analyzer for Lit.


A command line tool for Lit.


A compiler for optimizing Lit templates.


Preact Signals integration for Lit.


A component-oriented router API vended as reactive controllers.